Friday, September 3, 2010

Stamping and Cutting

It's been a while since I last made my own soap stamps.  

I started a few projects but somehow never managed to finish them.   Don't you think that sometimes you just need "the right mood" to complete something from start to finish?

I made four stamps this time, two shown here (the words, and the border beneath them) and one shown in the photo below (the rose).  There are other designs I'd like to turn into stamps, but my neck got sore from looking down for hours, and I decided to leave them for next time.  Hopefully it won't be another 2 years.

This rose stamp is a little tricky to use, and I'm still learning the technique to create the best result.  I do find that timing is very important, as well as the soap formula.  But to make my life easier, I think I'll stick to simple lines next time!

I also found some time to make my own soap cutter.  Can you tell that the body / handle of the cutter is actually meant to go on a bag?  A friend of mine generously shared this with me, and the idea of a soap cutter immediately came to my mind.  I've been lusting for a wire soap cutter - really, the soap tool you don't have will always be the better one you have to get!  ;)

To turn this beautiful bag handle into a soap cutter, I simply drilled two holes on each end and used two screws to secure a fish wire.  Now, it might not the best soap cutter in the world, but it could as well be the best looking one!   

I tried using it a few days ago, and it cut through the log nicely.  Almost a little too nicely.  I find it hard to stick to a straight line because it cuts so smoothly that it goes stray when you're not looking.   Better come up with a way to keep my cuts straight....


  1. Very nice! May I ask how you made your stamps? You really got a nice impression off of them.

  2. Love the handle cutter. I think I have handles just like that. And I love the stamps and second what Courtney said.

  3. Hi Courtney, I'll be making stamps again in 2 weeks, maybe I'll take some photos then to better show you how I make them.

    Ambra, thanks for the compliments! I'm still perfecting the handle cutter - the string is not as tight as I'd like it to be. I guess it's about time to consult hubby now.. ;)

  4. The stamped soaps are really pretty. The new soap cutter you made is genius and so cute too.

    I almost didn't recognize your blog as the background has changed.