Saturday, September 17, 2011

That itch you get every once a while

Cocoa Swirl

The itch.  The itch that you have to make some soaps or you'd go crazy because this idea in your head just refuses to go away.  The itch that you know this next batch you're making is going to be your next masterpiece.  It'll come out perfect.

Well, I felt that itch yesterday, and it was the first time in months since I felt the urge to make soap.  Maybe it's a sign of me coming out of my soaping slump!

Cocoa Swirl
I took out all my tools, measured my oils, and lined my mold.  It was so therapeutic, so serene, and so enjoyable.  With beautiful sun outside the window, and some light jazz in the background, it couldn't be more perfect than this - except, it'd be nice if the soap turned out ok.

To be honest, I had no idea what happened.  I'm still scratching my head a day later, wondering what could be the culprit to my disaster.

So, everything went well.  The soap thickened and traced.  Poured it into the mold.  Put the mold in the oven (I always to CPOP my soap) at the lowest temperature.   To my horror, when I went to check on it two hours later, I saw the "soap" spilled all over the bottom of my oven, and the mixture in my mold was just some dirty-looking liquid!

I quickly took out the mold and let the whole thing cool overnight.  It has hardened up, but there's this layer of bright red oil floating on top.  I used red palm for the first time yesterday, and it's the only ingredient that I haven't worked with before.   I think it's red palm, I want to blame it on red palm!

Now I have this ugly soap sitting on my kitchen counter and I'm not sure if it's safe to use (since some of the red palm did not saponify).  It could be slightly lye heavy.  I don't want to rebatch it and use it for laundry because I've heard red palm stains your clothes.

I stare at the soap, and the soap stares back at me.  I really have no idea what happened and what to do with it....

ps.  The soaps in the photos are not my Horribly Ugly.  I actually made these last weekend with a few friends.  We talked, we laughed, and made soaps together.   :)