Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tiger Soap!

The weather in Toronto has been on the chilly side for the last few days.  It constantly reminds my husband and I an old commercial that goes, "winter, winter, winter, winter....... SUMMER! winter, winter, winter....... SUMMER!"   Oh yes, how short the summer is in Canada!

I laid my hands on an all-natural red colorant.  (A heart-felt thanks to a dear friend!)  If you've tried coloring your soaps red with natural colorants, you'll know how hard it is to come up with the beautiful red hue.  According to my friend, the color is extracted from red bell peppers and only fades a little as the soap cures.  I could've put in a little more because now it looks more orangey than red...

With this soap, I also tried a new swirling technique.   I LOVE the result!  The soap turns out so unique and stunning, even an always-humble person like me can't stop talking about it without a big smile on my face.  When Hubby saw them for the first time, his first response was, "Go take photos!"
100%  Lard 

Made on 2010-05-25

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