Thursday, June 10, 2010


When the world (at least the city of Toronto) is getting ready for FIFA World Cup, my hubby is getting ready for G20.  

In 2 weeks, world leaders will descend on Toronto, and security is on top of everyone's list.  Special task force units are flying in from all major Canadian cities, there will be military presence, the marines, the mounted police, and some private security staff. 

 This might be the biggest event yet for Hubby's career, but those riot videos on YouTube really scare the hell out of me.  I pray that all crazy fanatics are all glued to their TV to cheer for their own soccer team, too busy to come to protest!

Since I learned that corn oil can be used in place of olive oil, I've been using it and like the results. 

Late last year, I took out an one-year-old, 100% olive oil soap to use, and I was pleasantly surprised by it!  I wondered if corn oil could produce similar results, and hence this batch.  

Now it's been more than 6 months, I take out one just to see how it's doing. (More like my curiosity is killing me.)  It turns out to be pretty good!  It lathers quite well (which is very important to Hubby), and leaves skin a very soft feel. The real test will come in another 6 months when it's dead cold here in Toronto and the weather is super dry.  Can't wait to see how these soaps perform!

Made on 2009-11-08

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