Friday, November 4, 2011

Been Having Fun with Cans

I've been having so much fun using food cans as my soap molds lately.    Haven't felt this way for a very long time, my soap addiction is back!

(I'm actually running low on lye now because of my recent craves for soap making.  Hubby calls me an addict when I keep saying "I'm running low.... I'm running low.....").

I haven't found my favourite way to play with colours yet, but the process of discovery is full of surprises.

Now if only I have enough lye for my next batch....  (pacing... pacing... )


  1. These soaps are really wonderful! I love the swirl you made and the colours are so beautiful.
    Have fun making more soaps :-)

  2. Love these!! Wow! How do you line the cans? xo Jen

  3. I love your circle soaps. They look beautiful and your colours are great.


  4. Oh my goodness. these are stunning!!!!

  5. those are so cute! I love the swirls

  6. Wow, these soaps are georgeous. I love the colours and the swirl.

  7. To Annette, Michelle, Polly, SunFall Soaps, Petra :

    Thank you! Hugs~~

    To Jen :

    I line my cans with freezer paper.
    It's time consuming, but I enjoy doing it nonetheless. =)

  8. These are amazing, Maggie!! The swirls are just perfect!

  9. Those are super cute! Glad you've got your mojo back.

  10. Round soaps with swirls:) Those are fun!

  11. To Amy, Ambra,

    I've never thought that swirls and round soaps can get me so excited!

    To Sironasprings,

    I love the way you put it - I got my mojo back!
    Now I just need some lye.... Yes, I'm still waiting for my order to arrive!

  12. How did you get circular swirls? I was wanting to do a Christmas peppermint swirl soap with pink/red and white, but I didn't know how to get a round swirl and my "pink" turned orange. Please advise ;-).

  13. To Joanna,

    Thank you!

    To Sonya,

    I'm not very good with words, but I'll try my best to explain..
    So, imagine holding a cup of coffee in your hand. Pour in your cream/milk in one spot and, holding your coffee cup, "swirl" in your cream to mix it in with coffee. That's the motion I applied to the can and the result I got is the circular line in the middle. Who knew! =)

  14. Love these Maggie! really like the swirls in the circles, they look great, very clever!

  15. To Jan & EverythingSheaCreates,

    Thanks to you both!