Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lavender, what else?

Has it really been almost three months?

I've been so disconnected from my own blog that I don't know how to start writing again.   How about I start by saying, "how did I manage to blog on a regular basis before?"

The last three months have been both exciting and sad.

I travelled to visit my family and friends on the other side of the world, ate a lot of amazing food, and had tons of fun-filled conversations.   I made this soap for a dear friend who has been one of my most loyal customers from the very beginning.   She recently moved from Toronto to my hometown and would like me to make her soaps enough to last her a year.

On the sad note, my grandmother passed away during my visit.  She had been bedridden for years, and my family had known that this day would come eventually, but it was still extremely hard to let her go.   I was grateful that I was able to see her during her last days with us, I just couldn't imagine not being there.

Now that I'm back in T.O. again, life has slowly returned to normal.  However, I know I'll never be the same because grandma, who managed to give me one last lesson in life, taught me to live everyday to its fullest and to always show those I care about how much I love them.

So, to all my dear friends, I love you and thank you for being my friends.



  1. Hi Maggie, it's so lovely to have you back again:) I missed your posts. I'm so sorry to hear that your Grandma passed away, I'm sure the last days you spent together must have been very special.
    Love your soap, it looks fantasic, at first I thought it was dried lavender sprinkled on top but then realized it's actually soap pieces? really lovely.

  2. Yes, we've all missed you! Nice to know you've spent time with family - even your most special grandma before she passed. Praying you'll find peace & comfort in the days to come. Much love to you too. :)

  3. Oh I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I'm also glad you had a nice time away. Your Lavender soap looks great and it's nice to see you back.

  4. Hi Maggie, So sorry to hear about your grandmother passing away. My grandma passed away 1 & a half years ago and I was so surprised at how much it affected me. Actually gave me a real wake up call and made me take a new look at my life. She gave me a shake and said what are you doing so far away and in a job you hate? That was the beginning of fabulous change for me. I think about her all the time and thank her.
    So many questions - where's "the other side of the world"? Where's your hometown? I will be back in TO for a visit last week June and first 2 weeks July. Will be spending some time with mum in Toronto and some time in Collingwood and Huntsville with Dad. Can we get together and make some soap one afternoon? Or morning? Or whenever? Let me know!

    xo Jen

  5. I featured your soap! visit my blog and be a part of it.  I think your soaps are beautiful!Joanna

  6.  Maggie you have my sympathy on your Grandmother's passing.  I'm so sorry. 

    Your Lavender soap is beautiful....I bet your friend was thrilled!  

  7. Anne-Marie FaiolaMay 19, 2011 at 3:03 PM

     I'm so sorry for your loss!  That is very special that you got to be there at the end though =)  

    I love how clean your lavender soap looks!  Super cute.

  8. Preciosos tus jabones, me encantan.

    Sabons Carmeta
    Barcelona Spain

  9. Maggie,

    Hello, I notice I'm on your blogroll. :)

    I've successfully changed my blogspot URL and went to my old Splurge Sisters blog feed and provided a new link.  If you want to update your blog roll my new name is Two Blooms Design Studio and my new URL is  I have set up a redirect within 4 seconds so if anyone clicks on the Splurge Sisters link they will be redirected to the new blog.

    I'm trying to notify anyone who has me on their blog roll.

    Hope you have a great week.

    (formerly Splurge Sisters)

  10. Maggie,

    I'm sorry to hear about your Grandmother.  I remember when mine died it was very difficult. You are in my prayers.

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