Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Early Christmas Gift

This isn't meant to be my Christmas gift, but I'm calling it a gift anyway because I love it so much!

My wonderful Hubby made this mold for me, from design to finish.  I've been talking about how much I'd love to have a wooden mold for my soaps, but for years he never paid much attention to it.  He never prides himself as a handyman or a craftsman.  The only handy work he enjoys doing involves just drilling and hammering.  

One day, out of the blue he turned to me and said, "I'm going to make you a soap mold."

Huh?  Did I miss something?

He began drawing his designs, asking me to show him how big I'd like my soaps to be, and how I'd normally use the mold.   He was really putting in time and thoughts on this!

The final product looks amazing.  He's thought about everything I said and made me a all-in-1 soap mold.  I can use the divider to adjust the size of the mold, or better, create two mold at the same time.  Neat!

After making his first ever wooden mold, Hubby already began to talk about a possible second one.  He couldn't wait for me to use his mold ("Have you tried your new mold?") and he's got all sorts of ideas to make the next one even better!    How wonderful is that!


  1. how sweet is your husband!
    I have to tell you, that i already tried your stamp tutorial, but i didn't make my design deep enough so it was a disaster, i will try it again, but i need to buy more epoxy. And then I hope I will share some nice pics.
    i love your mold! :)

  2. Hi Natalia,
    I made that very same mistake again - not making the design deep enough. I guess we all go through the same stage to actually know how deep is deep enough. ;) Good luck next time! Look forward to your wonderful creation!

  3. What an awesome mould! What an awesome husband! Wow... an amateur carpenter in the house? I think my husband would be even busier if he knew much about wood-working.... let us know how the mould performs! xo Jen

  4. That's wonderful, great Christmas pressie! Arn't hubby's great? mine made my ones for me too:)