Monday, November 1, 2010

Almost There!

It's been.... let's see... three months since hubby and I started our flooring project.  Our place has been in a state of extreme chaos - it's a miracle that we haven't tripped over something on the floor and cursed until we run out of vocabulary.

But I have good news!  Our flooring contractor will be coming in early November and save us from our misery.  Yippee!

My love for making soap has been forced to come to a complete halt because my materials are buried deep in an unknown corner and I don't really have space to cure the cut soaps.  However, I dig out some of the materials and made a small batch two weeks ago for someone at my dentist's office.   She needed some soaps but I didn't have anything for her, so I decided to make her some instead, or so was the excuse I gave myself to make soap again.

I decided to go for HP soap this time partly because I only had a week to make, cut, and wrap the soaps, and partly because I had been thinking about giving it a shot ever since I got Becky's almond soap.

I had so much fun making HP soaps that I know my first pot after getting my soap room back will be another HP too.  Being able to use the soap right away (and clean the tools on the same day) is another incentive.   However, I do notice that HP soaps still can't compare to soaps that have been cured for months, even though their pH level might be similar.  I guess I've been spoiled by nicely cured soaps!

Ok now, what's my next pot going to be?



  1. That is some of the NICEST looking Hot Process soap I have ever seen! Is this your first time? Or did you already do this before... Something about the clean cut in your soaps that I just love. Do you have a soap cutter? Gorgeous. xo Jen

  2. Thank you SplurgeSisters!
    I think I'd do more HP if it were easier to play with the looks...
    Hopefully flooring can be done by the end of today (not likely since our guy looks VERY laid back), but I just have to hang on for another day and my nightmare will be over!!

  3. Oh, I hope your flooring project is almost over! It's definitely time to pull out the holiday fragrances - whatever your heart desires! :)