Sunday, August 15, 2010

Second Attempt

I tried making cake-like soaps again.   Instead of spending hours on creating different layers to imitate cakes, I cheated a little this time by using individual cake molds.

The soaps turned out better than I expected, but they look more like flavored white chocolate.  Hmmm.... Maybe I should've swirled with cocoa powder instead.  That'd really fool people!

I put in lots of lard (one of my favorite ingredients) in to the recipe this time.  I rendered the lard a few months ago and have been keeping jars of them in the freezer.  Rendering my own lard is time consuming but well worth it.  In my opinion, the best way to render lard is the "oven method". 

Basically you cut pork fat into tiny pieces and immerse them with water in an oven-safe pot.  Leave the pot in the oven overnight at a relatively low temperature and the next morning you'll find a thick layer of pork fat floating on top of the water.  This oven method gives you really clean and white lard, but it's relatively soft compared to the hydrogenated lard you can find at regular grocery stores.

Making cake-like soaps is kind of addicting!  Up next, I'm going to create CP swiss rolls!


  1. Hi! I haven't tried lard in ages, since I began soap making last October... so now that I have your alkanet root recipe, I think I will give it another try. xo Jen

  2. Hi Jen, Be sure to give lard or tallow a try! They're great substitute for palm oil!